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Collaboration upload sharing link

Do you shoot events and have multiple photographers (collaborators)? Would it be useful to have them upload their own photos to your site?

This idea would allow users of your choice to upload photos to a gallery of your choice. This would avoid having them transfer photos to you and then you having to upload them to your site.

Once the photos are uploaded then you can manage them just like any other photos on your site.

The upload screen could be made available to the collaborator via a link sent by the page owner. Access to the link would be limited to registered zenfolio users only.

The process could be...

Site Owner
1. Creates or selects a gallery
2. Click on a new button under links named "Create Upload Link"
3. Copy the link
4. Send link to the collaborator who you want to upload photos

1. Receives email with upload link
2. Click on upload link
3. Link takes collaborator to zenfolio login screen
4. After login take collaborator to upload screen (i.e. drag and drop)
5. Collaborator uploads photos

A nice to have would be an email notification when a collaborator finished an upload.

For added control the link could also have an expiration of 7 days.

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  • Isbill PhotographyIsbill Photography commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Get it done Zenfolio. You have plenty of competitors out there many of which already offer this. I am not above moving and I bet I am not alone. I can easily replace all the photos and galleries here to another site within a week.

  • Dave GilbertDave Gilbert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So two years and nothing? ZF, either provide an updated schedule or tell us you are not willing to do it. Is that seriously too much to ask?!

  • AnonymousAnonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Since it's taking S O M E T I M E for this to be available to us, is there a work around like using the Contributing Photographers services set? I just want to make sure they don't have the ability to wander the site. I want them to be licked into the Groups and Galleries that I assign them and that's all.. tks...

  • Pavel Desort PhotographyPavel Desort Photography commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    PLANNED!!! So its another year round, being 20th November 2014 and this planned feature is nowhere to be seen.
    ZENFOLIO please at least keep the responses up to date

  • d.martin photographyd.martin photography commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Love this idea. Or in multiuser accounts, Contributing Photographers should not be trusted users. They should only have access and download privileges to assigned galleries. For example, if I hire a second shooter to shoot a wedding with me, I want him to be able to upload photos to the gallery I select or create for him. However, I don't want him to be able to look through private client galleries (i.e.: boudoir sessions). Having a level that just allows access to assigned galleries or the ability to send a collaboration link is a great idea.

  • Tony ChadwickTony Chadwick commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would really like to see this implemented as soon as possible. Any news when this might be available?

  • WayneWayne commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I might suggest another method that would allow the same goal. I would suggest that instead of setting a user as a particular function (i.e. contributing photographer) that they could be assigned to a group type instead. if a function called "User Groups" were available then we could specify which users were in a particular group (i.e. contributing photographers, ). Then change the "Edit Ownership" to designate which folders are controlled by which groups instead of a particular user only. This would give the way to designate folders on a user basis and would allow the flexibility to specify a user the ability to upload to specific folders only.

    On a side note, when managing users it specifies that "Keep in mind that users will be able to view all photos in the account, including Private and Password-protected​​ ones.". This should not be the default, I would not want a photographer working for me to see all photos (especially protected ones). The above solution I suggested would resolve this.

  • OCM StudiosOCM Studios commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think I would like to see this taken one step farther and create a real workflow here so that some basic edits can be done on location during the shoot and then have the images go to the cloud so that the team in the studio can continue working on it.

    Clients can also put in their notes and collaborate in the process.

    (Example - DF Studio)

  • photoguy92849photoguy92849 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    sgiske, it seems your suggestion regarding photobook collaboration is even different from my own. also a great idea though. upon reading the original post again, i do understand that the suggestion was specifically targeted for teams of photographers. and from what i understand it already could be done with a premium business account by adding users. i'm just latching onto the demand for guest uploading expressed here and saying this ability should be expanded.

    i saw the demand here (260+ votes) and figured, "why limit guest uploading to authorized photographers?" There are other suggestions for this but they haven't attracted as much attention - see http://zenfolio.uservoice.com/forums/75695-feature-suggestions/suggestions/3061662-guest-uploading-lets-your-fans-join-the-fun . This is probably since the photographers don't necessarily see the benefit. But it certainly would help you guys too. As mentioned before, if they like a unique product you offer (possibly self-fulfilled), why not encourage them to buy it with any photo they may have? Especially with photobooks or collages, they likely will want flexibility with what photos to add to their product. If there's a family photo they took that they just adore, and they're already ordering a photobook, why should they be limited to the professional photos in your gallery? It's their book. They're configuring it. Why do they need to order one pro book and one family book at Shutterfly? Let them make one nice book right here! Why can't they put whatever photos they want in a photobook or collage? Just because there's a Flickr or Shutterfly doesn't mean we can't get part of the action.

  • sgiskesgiske commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Seems to be some confusion arising - perhaps from me too. I believe the original intent of collaborating photogs is to allow other Pros I might hire (or authorized by me to contribute content to the event) to upload to a gallery. I designate who can do this by giving them this privilege to my account. Currently I accomplish this by going to account>manage users>create new. It's great and has been in place for some time.

    Collaborating on say, a photo book with a client who want us to review layout is a totally different thing. A great idea but a totally different set of tools and access. I don;t believe the infrastructure for that is set yet. It would be a more complex version of the current scenario for galleries that WE set to require approval before fulfillment: they are stopped short of going into production which allows us to change customer cropping. THAT ability expanded to allow assistance in configuring a memory mate, or a new album product could be great. Sounds like a programming challenge:)

  • photoguy92849photoguy92849 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    And yes, we might "collaborate" with a client on configuring their product. But they should be able to start the process without asking us for permission to add photos. Again a temporary checkout gallery or the favorites folders does not have to affect our own permanent galleries.

  • photoguy92849photoguy92849 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ZF is not only used by professional photographers. it's used by families, sports teams, schools and other groups. Our company in particular actually digitizes family photos for clients. And after scanning we are now providing online access to share with family and friends. Now if they want to order a photobook, they can only order the photos that were scanned but can't add any recent photos to the book (unless as a premium business account we manually give them temporary access to do so).

    First, the ability to upload to a temporary folder or the favorites folder, would not affect any current galleries.

    Secondly, if a customer sees a product here that s/he likes but hasn't seen elsewhere, why shouldn't they have the ability to order it with any photo they have? Are you against making more money?

    This is especially true for self-fulfilled orders. We might offer a unique product that can't be purchased elsewhere. Why should we be limited to those photos that we already have in a gallery? A common occurrence for us a wedding slideshow. We will allow clients to rearrange photos to their liking using the favorites folders and then sync the sort order to Lightroom and make the show. The couple will provide old photos to scan and some digitals to put in the show as well. But they might want to add photos that came in late. Sure they could email them and get us involved again. Or they could just upload on their own (but this is not possible).

    Zenfolio is in the business of making money. Such a business does not limit itself only to one segment of clients - professional photographers selling only their shots. Zenfolio is a great photo sharing/proofing system that we chose to use. Why tell people to go to Shutterfly? If they see a product here, they should be encourage to buy it with any photo. Especially if they want a certain photo of their own combined in a larger photobook/slideshow they're ordering from us, why should they have to ask us permission before adding to their order?

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Is this not what is being referred to?

    I'm not sure that the comments from the previous user are actually related to this actual post. As I understand this post to be referring to Collaborating Photographers that may be second shooters for a shoot that you (the Contracted and lead Photographer and host of the ZF site) has organised. Whereas the previous comment I would understand reverts around general public uploading photos to a ZF site and gallery to obtain use of products available.
    I'm sorry but isn't the objective to have people buy products with OUR photos on them?!? So why would I want or even authorize Joe Bloggs be able to upload his photos to a gallery on my site - he can use flicker!
    Anyway, from what I understand and, from what I have already implemented in one of my ZF sites (I have two - at Premium Business level as the link above indicates); the ability to have more than one contributing photographer that has access to his their gallery to upload, delete, move rename etc is already available and the functionality is very simple and extremely easy to use, and I say that from having asked the contributing photographers with whom I tested this on.

    My apologies if I am misunderstanding the original post.

  • photoguy92849photoguy92849 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i don't see this as being particularly useful if we have to send an upload link to anybody we want to collaborate with. When you're talking about businesses, we want to avoid getting involved in simple client transaction. They should be able to add their own photos to their print/gift orders without having to contact us for an upload link.

    The ideal solution for all sides is to enable guest uploading to the favorites folder. This way uploads don't affect current galleries. The favorites folder is temporary (30 days) so it doesn't hog ZF storage. Clients could add their digital camera photos to a photobook or any other product. Businessowners don't have to be involved in every transaction. This makes more sense for clients who expect to be able to upload their own photos when ordering items. If they have to contact you for an upload link, 9 times out of 10 they'll just go to blurb or shutterfly and be without the hassle. 9 times out of 10 if you're lucky!

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